Resume & Credits



Director / Visual Effects Supervisor

Summary of Qualifications 1985 – 2024

39 Years In the Motion Picture Film, Television & Post Production Industry


VFX Design, Script Breakdowns, Budgeting, On Set Decision Making, Plate Supervision, Motion Control, Miniatures, Blue/Green Screen Lighting & Expertise,

2nd Unit Directing, Production and Post Crew Management, Canon 7D & 5D, HDR Photography

Red Epic, Alexa, Phantom Flex, Sony Venice

Inferno, Flame, Henry, Digital Fusion, Nuke, Shake, After Effects, Matte Painting

Set Extensions, Character Animation, FX’s (3D Studio Max, Maya, Fume FX, Massive, Houdini, Realflow )

Film, High Definition, Non-Linear Editing & Finishing, Film Opticals, Frame File Formats

Word, Excel, FrameForge, WordPress, Photoshop CS 6.5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6.5, FileMaker Pro 12 thru 16 Advanced, Shotgun


  • Breaking down scripts into individual VFX shots and sequences outlining each shot’s physical needs.  Working out the technical issues while maintaining the artistic integrity of the project.  Designing looks and solutions that stay within budget and within the time frame of the project.
  • Tactical onset management with the ability to offer up on-the-spot solutions due to production changes or issues.
  • Team leadership and assembling the VFX unit’s crew to handle plate photography, Pyro, MoCo, miniatures,  and individual elements both large and small scale.
  • Shot designs from storyboards on into 3D Previz and Postviz image sequences.
  • Building in-house Visual Effects teams for pre and post production.  Scalable based upon a show’s projected workflow needs.
  • Workflow Design including software packages for 2D compositing and 3D animation as well as server selection, render farm, render managers, shot tracking software and workstation implementation.
  • Interviewing, hiring and overseeing of the VFX post production team.  A deep Rolodex of proven VFX artists and CGI personnel as staffing resource.
  • The hiring of VFX management staff that includes the VFX producer, coordinators as well as I/T and I/O support.
  • Overseeing and directing work being completed by 3rd party vendors.
  • Savvy politics during situations that dictate treading carefully between production and the studio.  Being able to listen and hear what the director and the studio both want.  At all times being solution minded and diplomatic.
  • Lending confidence and security to the director and production as needed and warranted.  Grace under fire.
  • Adept at organizing shots/elements for in-house artists and outside vendors for the most time and cost effective workflows.
  • Tracking the progress of the post production work, lending creative direction and at all times inspiring motivation through positive manipulation.
  • A honed skill set that includes a keen understanding of story and character and how that is worked into the design and execution of the Visual Effects.


  • Script budgeting and breakdowns including:
    • Shots, production assets, vendors, internal manpower, equipment, software, location crews, surveying & HDR teams, shot tracking and pipeline support.
  • Team Management:
    • Successfully built an internal VFX team for a television project and saved the studio an estimated 1MM bringing the Visual Effects in on average $50,000 under budget.
    •  Interdepartmental technical spec sharing during production and post.
    • Delivery specifications of shots to DI or on-line post facilities.
    • Morale building and maintaining during long hours under constant or high pressure environments.
    • Company and or VFX department financial projection and analysis using a custom built proforma template.
  • Problem Solving and Iceberg Avoidance:
    • Being able to look down the road when planning a day’s work to weekly expectations and beyond.
    • Keeping the team focused on the work at hand while maintaining the schedule.
    • Righting the ship and bring all hands on deck when shots increase due to shooting changes, location problems and editing .
    • Clear and constant communication with a straight shooting no hidden agenda approach.



Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (Series)  / ABC Studios / Marvel Ent.

Episode 604 – “Code Yellow”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Slingshot  (Web Series) / ABC Studios / Marvel Ent.

Episode 106 – “Justicia”

Weeds, “Little Houses”

Star Trek Deep Space Nine, “Everybody Needs A Little Space” – Dir. Mark Kolpack / Paramount TV
Silver Promax Award 1997

Nike, “The Flash”  – Spec.


Raising Dion S2 – 2021 – Netflix

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – (Pilot) Dir. Joss Whedon / ABC Studios / Marvel Ent.
VES Nomination 2014

VFX Emmy Nomination 2014

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – (Series)  / ABC Studios / Marvel Ent.

HPA Winner VFX 2018

VFX Emmy Nomination 2015

No Ordinary Family (Series) Disney ABC Television Group

C.H.A.O.S.  (Pilot) – Dir. Bret Ratner  / Fox / CBS

All Rise (Pilot)  – Dir. Barry Sonnenfeld / NBC-Universal

NCIS  (2 Eps) – Dir. Various  / CBS

Life After People – Dir. David de Vries – History Ch. / Consultant

Heroes (Season 1) – Dir. Various / NBC-Universal
VFX Emmy Nomination 2007

Ruffian (MOW) – Dir. Yves Simoneau / ABC – ESPN

Dirt (Pilot) – Dir. Mathew Carnahan / FX

Thief (TV Series) – Dir. Dean White / FX

Commander In Chief
(TV Series) – Dir. Various / ABC
VES Nomination 2006

Scarlett , (Pilot) – Dir. Steve Miner / Lifetime

North Shore, (Pilot) – Dir. Michael Dinner / Fox

Numbers, (Pilot) – Dir. Gregor Jordan / CBS

One Tree Hill – Dir. Greg Prange / CW

Dawson’s Creek – Dir. Sandy Smolin / Columbia TriStar TV

Twas The Night – Dir. Nick Castle / Disney Channel

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Eps 6.20 to 6.22 – Dir. Various / WB

The Life & Death of Peter Sellers – Dir. Steven Hopkins / TPG / HBO Films

VFX Supervisor  –  Feature  Projects

Ask The Dust,  Main Title – Dir. Robert Towne / Paramount

The Wedding Planner – Dir. Adam Shankman / Columbia Pictures

Scooby Doo 2 , (TPG) – Dir. Raja Gosnell / Warner Bros.
(HD Screening Comps)

Blade, (Perfx Inc.) – Dir. Stephan Norrington / New Line Cinema

Rush Hour, (Perfx Inc.) – Dir. Bret Ratner / New Line Cinema

Godzilla, Main, Main Title (Perfx Inc.) – Dir. Rolan Emmerich / Columbia Pictures

Batman Forever – Dir. Joel Schumacher / Warner Bros.
(Screening Composites / Post VFX Supervisor)

VFX Producer  –  Television & Feature  Projects

Jack The Giant Slayer – Dir. Bryan Singer – Prologue Films 2012
Stand alone proof of concept animation piece completed in stereo.

Inhale –  Dir. Baltasar Kormakur

The Ugly Truth –  Dir. Robert Luketic / Lake Shore

Krupp – Dir. Carlo  Rola / German Television
VES Nomination 2010

The Box – Dir. Richard Kelly / Warner Bros.
VES Nomination 2010

World’s Greatest Dad – Dir. Bobcat Goldthwait (DI & VFX)

MythQuest – Dir. Various / PBS

VFX Supervisor  –  Commercials / Videos 

RoundUp, “Rattlesnake Mad” & “Keep Weeds Gone” 2012 – Dir. Kinka Usher – Method Studios / House of Usher

Best Buy, “Superman” & “Snow Sniper” 2012 – Dir. The Malloys – Method Studios / HSI

Jambox, “Movie Theater” & “Rock Concert” 2012 – Dir. Mark Romanek – The Mission / Anonymous Content

Illuma, “Whale” 2012 – The Mission / Look Film

Apple, “Han Solo” 2012 – Dir. Mark Romanek – DTrain / Anonymous Content

Buick, “eAsst.” 2011 – Dir. Erich Joiner – The Mission / Tool of North America

Circuit City – 10 Spot campaign – Dir. Zack Snyder

Target, “Spring Multiples” – Dir. Justin Leibow

Anastacia, “Paid My Dues” – Dir. Liz Friedlander

Lexus, “REM “- Dir. Scott Gillen

Lockheed Martin, “Rush Hour” – Dir. Peter Goldschmidt
Monitor Award Finalist 1997

Lockheed Martin, “Birthday Present” – Dir. Peter Goldschmidt

Tropicana –  Dir. Joe Public

Honda – Dir. Marty Weiss

Ford Explorer, “Red Hat” – Dir. Robert Black

Ford Explorer, “Traffic Report” – Dir. Robert Black

Cadillac, “Eldorado” –  Dir. Robert Black

Weight Watchers, “Conscience” –  Dir. Eric Steinman

AT&T, “Baseball” –  Dir. Jim Gartner

HBO, “Falling TV” – Dir. Jim Gartner

Visa, “How Come” – Dir. Jim Gartner

Visa, “Wound & Wound” – Dir. Peter Goldschmidt

Nike, “Futsbolito” – Dir. Nick Egan

Set It Off, “Missing You” – Dir. F. Gary Gray

Jaguar, Fed-Ex & M&M’s – Dir. Brent ThomasNike, “The Wall” – Dir. Joe Pytka